Grant Beach Neighborhood Association


We believe that people should actively participate as citizens in a democracy and as neighbors in a community.

We are a group of citizens interested in working together to maintain and improve the living quality of our neighborhood, motivate the city to address our concerns, be a positive foundation for neighborhood watch programs and build a sense of community among us.

Working together, there is little that cannot be done; working apart there is little that can be done.

We, therefore, join together to form this association, which shall be known as the Grant Beach Neighborhood Association.


The Grant Beach Neighborhood Association is to benefit the area within the boundaries of Boonville Avenue on the East, Kansas Expressway on the West, the railroad tracks just north of Commercial Street on the North and Chestnut Expressway on the South located in Springfield, Missouri.


Membership in the Grant Beach Neighborhood Association is open to any resident, interested party/parties, non-resident landlord, or representative of any business or organization.

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We currently have three (3) Standing Committees:

  • Communications/Membership/Newsletter
  • Housing/Property Concerns
  • Sports Committee

If you are interested in serving on any of the listed Committees, please contact Hovey House (417-942-2456 or email: hovey.house@yahoo.com)


The GBNA Executive Board Meetings are held the second (2nd) Monday of each month at Hovey House (800 W. Hovey St., Springfield, MO 65802) at 5:00 p.m.  All Meetings are free and open to the public, in accordance with the Sunshine Law.


The General Assembly of the Grant Beach Neighborhood Association is held on the third (3rd) Monday of each month at the Parish Hall of St. Joseph Catholic Church.  Enter on Webster St. or Scott St. and turn onto Lyon Ave. for parking.

We start off with a Potluck Dinner (bring something yummy to share) at 6:00 p.m., so come and share some good food with your Neighbors!  At 6:30 p.m., we hold a Meeting, loaded with information for our Neighbors.  You do NOT need to be a Member to attend; and we are a very family-centered, kid-friendly group, so kiddos are always welcome too!

Our PAR Officer frequently attends this Meeting; and sometimes our local Firefighters even drop by for a visit!


We need some good photos that reflect who we are and what we do such as photos to go with each Partnership Program and each Hovey House Program.  Please submit photos of programs and events to Kathy Lutz at kathylutz1000@gmail.com


Grant Beach Neighborhood is a pretty active community.   There are many events and programs to get involved in.  Come on out and join the fun.  Use the menu at the top of the page to check out the various programs and events.

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